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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 5:17 PM

8 hours of pure awesomeness
thank you so much, everybody that showed up! I love you all so much. You guys made my day! I'll finish the last 2 requests in the evening ♥

hardcore artblock so let me do little sketches of your OCs!
they'll be kinda basic, and I'll do however many I can do in 1.5 / 2 hours. 
First come first serve as long as you have a decent ref ~
I'll only do human/kemonomimi charas, and I'm better at male than female lel

link: - 


My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 7:16 AM

because why not, right? going to try and keep this a bit short, though it probably won't be.
I'll also put some old art of mine here for you to ridicule |D

  I remember when I first joined deviantART, almost four years ago. I was a very young and anxious artist who wanted to share my creations with the community here. I posted some art that I liked at the time - yet with no avail. 
  This is when I had my joint account with Kakashi--He-is-HOT, as we were both young, naive, and aspiring artists. After we realized that we needed to fine-tune our skills a bit, I figured it would be better if I were to create my own dA account. At this time, I was still a complete noob at art, even though I had kept at it for years.
  Here's the part where you can poke fun at me - I think this was the first upload to my crazyDoggy account in 2011. It was also one of my first digital art pieces. >

  DO YOU SEE THAT!? Anyway, I think I did that on Photoshop and colored it somehow, but I couldn't find the colored file. I think I deleted it a looong time ago. Moving on.
  I got into MMD ( MikuMikuDance ) shortly after, and quickly picked up how to use MMD and PMDE with ease. It became my new little hobby, and I spent slightly less time on art. MMD was an easier way to express myself without going through the pain of fixing each little line. ( Even though I wasn't as good as I suspected at it. )
  In late 2012, I had a contest for funCatty 's and my persona ( the old versions of Catty and Doggy ). I was inspired by the entries, and they made me feel so much more connected to these personas. I wanted to start drawing again - more frequently.
CrazyDoggy by Virmont89A Gift For crazyDoggy by KawaiiPantsuNeCE:crazyDoggy by NinjaCatArtist17More contest entries!! by MusicallychalangedContest entry by Chibi-EspadaContest Entry~ by Suzuho-Chan

  I kept trying to improve my art, and in 2012 I submitted a deviation to commemorate Spirit Day. I liked it at the time, but I'm not too proud of it now. There could have been more improvement made. Though I am proud of the botched anatomy, even though it's nowhere near great.

  In August of 2013, I had a mini breakthrough in my art. I submitted a deviation based on some events occurring in that time, and it received more recognition than I could have imagined!
Re-Thinking Things by crazyDoggy
  It made me feel a whole lot better and higher than the situation I was in, and I was glad I made this. Whenever I look back on it, I realize that the anatomy is better than some of the stuff I draw now, haha, and it's better than any of my other art at the time. Makes me wonder what caused that improvement, but it was probably just some euphoria.
  In 2014, I had an epiphany that kinda punched me right in the face. I had relied on deviantART for years, but had never realized what a big part that it played in my life. I have met so many incredible people here, and thanks to their support, I had been able to improve greatly - in terms of art and attitude. I rarely get upset anymore because of how lovely and inspiring this site is. I always try to remember that bad things happening are inevitable, so it's up to you to pout or keep your head up. I've also learned that you will never achieve anything if you repeat the same process. You're just going to get the same results until you open your eyes and see that you need to make a change. Experimenting with my art - and my actions - is one of the best things I've done.
  I also recently ended another funCatty and crazyDoggy contest. It made me happier than words can describe. Seeing so many people excited for the contest made me just as excited as they were. Here are the winners and honorable mentions of the male and female sides of the contest:
Happy Friendsary! by Medaglioneglow show. by purenaicrazyDoggy  and  funCatty by DimonRequiemHappy Third Friend-niversary! (Contest entry) by ArtistXXYFun and Crazy by BluccisCE : Chibi crazyDoggy and funCatty Page Doll by ibahibutCE - good friends by 42Ly
  There were so many more lovely entries as well!……
I also held a design contest with the same amazing results!:…

  Repeating myself, these contests themselves made me so happy and excited, and I'm already planning more contests for the future. ♥ I'm probably putting more money into these than I should, but I don't really care. deviantART has made me love the feeling of giving to others.

In three years' time, my art has grown from this

to this
extra : mi-ya-ka 1/2 by crazyDoggy
and I hope with all of my heart that each year I can do even better.

  Anyway, that's basically the summary of my time here. I have grown from a whiny little kid to a slightly-less-whiny teenager with a deeper love of art and giving and friendship and rainbows why not. I will always be in debt to this site for the new perspective it has given me, and I can only hope that by dA's next birthday I will have grown to be even more mature. ♥ //whispers bad jokes and does immature stuff
Thank you to everyone who has made it this far!


know the artist tag uhh

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 2, 2014, 10:08 AM

it's a trap I wasn't tagged - stole from the super pro :iconagent-lapin: after seeing this around so much annnnd yeah why not here we go // w // sorry

The Essentials

Name: Julia
Nickname: Julie, Fal, Doggy, Senpai, bae 
Location: Texas
Age: 15 //shunned
Height: 5' 4"
Zodiac sign: Leo so watch out bruh
Any pets: One pug, one shar-pei, one cat, and one sulcata turtle. they're all my precious losers
Favorite thing about yourself: uh guhh um eye color I guess?? that or my listening skills.
Worst habit(s): befriending bad people because I try to be nice, speaking without thinking it over first, bad sarcasm
Fun fact: I tried to think of something fun, but I couldn't. The closest I've got is that I recently played frisbee with my favorite teacher and some other amazing people on a school trip. It's a fact and it was fun ok

Identity, Sexuality & Personality

Gender identity:
Sexual preference: male
Romantic preference: male
"Kinsey Scale" score: 1 
Relationship status: //cobweb nonchalantly falls from the ceiling
Myers/Briggs type: the epitome of INFP, but I used to be INFJ.
Hogwarts house: Gryffindor/Ravenclaw?


"Early Bird" or "Night Owl": Night Owl, but I wouldn't mind being an Early Bird if school didn't exist
Bath or shower:  shower
First thought in the morning: "coFFEE" / "that was a ___ dream"
Last thought before falling asleep at night: I don't think before I fall asleep because I stay awake until I just lose consciousness??


Do you work or are you a student: student
What do you do well: screw things up and accidentally upset others. or art and music/choir if that's what this was asking.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: maybe/hopefully still in college, being a freelance artist, more well-traveled than I currently am, with the same close friends that I have now ( oh gosh please )

Habits (Do you…?)

Drink: no
Smoke: nope
Do Drugs: nope
Exercise: you're kidding me right? idk sometimes I attempt to learn a dance or do random angry push-ups to take out my internal rage but I wouldn't consider it my exercise
Have a go-to comfort food: Strawberrriiieeesss, chocolate, anything with strawberries or chocolate
Have a nervous habit: tapping my hands or feet on something quickly/loudly, switching my weight from one foot to another very frequently when standing, shaking/trembling when extremely nervous, either being very wordy or very pauciloquent in speech, not looking anyone in the eye/gaze constantly moving around the room, delayed response time, breathing too heavy or too shallow, whatever symptoms ensue from a panic attack (this is such a long list but I get nervous terribly often eghh)

What is your favorite…?

Physical quality (in yourself): eye color?
Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): the ability to listen to people for 420 years before getting fed up with it; the ability to just shut up and move on and not dwell on the past. sometimes.
Food: idk I'm partial to some foreign food though
Drink: good tea
Animal: uh. dogs? not sure. I like rats, jackals, and snakes and other random creatures too
Artist/Band/Group: picking just one is not a thing. but uh TDCC, HU, the arctic monkeys, baths ?
Author/Poet: I used to have this list of authors I liked but it's been too long since I've read some literature. James Patterson is my homie though
TV Show: Archer, Game of Thrones, and American Horror Story haha
Actor/Actress: I don't really have one? Johnny Depp, Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Dominic Monaghan, and Michael C. Hall will always have a place in my heart
Blogger: I have yet to find that special one that stands out from the rest yet pft. or maybe I just follow too many fabulous bloggers I don't even

nice place to stop before I embarrass myself any further
I don't even know if I've given 50% straight answers here sorry I'm just a vague person sometimes // v //
but uh deleting this later just wanted something quick to entertain myself and yeah
if you made it this far bless your soul I love you


so it's my birthday

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 29, 2014, 12:55 AM

I don't feel any different :icondojimathumbsupplz:
but yeah - the birthday on this account isn't mine, it's my persona's (which I celebrate more than my birthday, 7/29.) I haven't had a party for my birthday in the last 2/3 years but I celebrate on my persona's birthday is this what growing up is about???

In all honesty, I feel like a really young old man. What do xD


promise me you'll never buy an acer laptop

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 7:16 PM

come on everybody this is a group thing
for every acer laptop you buy, 7 billion people are slaughtered
I've had TWO of these die on me in ONE month.
they're breaking the fourth wall jfc


So I know I said this would be posted at 8 but I had to finish the lil promo drawing. xD Good thing I wrote this journal early.

Hello everyone!! I've had so much success in these last two contests and it makes me extremely happy. I love you guys! ♥ Thanks so so much to all who entered!
Anyway, the winners for these contests were very hard to choose, but there are reasons for why the winning entries, well, won. So please do not bring anything about unfairness and such into this. Though if you decide to do so, I won't care anyway. nvn
First off, I'll present to you the winners of the OC Design Contest!

Design Me An OC Contest

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:♥ Third Prize ♥:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

Contest Entry :  Draw me an OC! by HaKamii

Entry by Hakamii

I chose this entry for third place because multiple things that I like are combined wonderfully - these include heterochromia, kemonomimi, scarf, sweater, cardigan, et cetera. The color palette was used very well to create a stunning character!

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:♥ Second Prize ♥:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

Contest Entry: Digital by arbitrarilyGrim

Entry by grimAtrocity

I chose this entry to win second place because the color scheme is very simple and easy on the eyes, and the design ties the colors together so nicely. I absolutely love the intricately designed swords and the long, silvery hair that compliments it all.

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:♥ Grand Prize ♥:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

Entry by Sakokii

Ta-daah! This entry won the grand prize because the design quirks chosen all compliment each other so well. I love how there are so many little details to this design, especially the claws on the gloves! I also love how the dull red of the sword matches the dull red of the pendant this gentleman has. Congratulations!


So, those were the lovely winners. I'm definitely going to have fun with them all! However, there were two other designs that caught my eye. They will be receiving honorable mention and 300:points: or $3 usd each. They may decide whether I keep the character or not (though I would love to, ahaha!)
:star: Character sheet by KinsaraOC Design Contest by Bluccis:star:

♥ Entries by Kinsara and Bluccis ♥

The first entry comes with a lovely reference sheet and multiple outfits. It really helped me understand the design more! I love the floral accents on this design ( my little weakness ) and it is simple, yet eye-catching.
The second entry also comes with a lovely reference sheet. I fell in love with the galaxy scythe and the pattern on the tribal sweater at first sight. This design's pastel color scheme works very well for him!


Draw My OC Contest

Category 1
Now, before I go listing the winners here I'd like to let you know that funCatty and I had our breath taken away about a million times during this contest by all of the incredible artwork. We had a very long, serious conversation about which entries should win and why. Just know that we loved every one and that we have so much appreciation for the effort that you all put into your entries! Thank you all so much! We truly do appreciate it!

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:♥ Third Prize ♥:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

crazyDoggy  and  funCatty by DimonRequiem

Entry by DimonRequiem

"Beautifully done! Fits our theme for our contest, very accurate, and the expressions are so loveable! I LOVE the background used and I love how you colored our characters c:"
- funCatty
"I love how you incorporated our party hats and the cake into this! The background and overall composition is very pleasant, and you captured our spirit so nicely!"
- crazyDoggy

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:♥ Second Prize ♥:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

glow show. by purenai

Entry by purenai

"Chosen as 2nd place because of its amazing accuracy and creativity! Surely the characters are missing their shoes, but did an amazing job with the drawing! It captures the adventurous spirit of the two friends and the power of it (how it generates a beautiful lightshow before them) Incredible little storyline and captures their true spirits as best friends"
- funCatty
"This breathtaking entry received second place because of the beautiful tone it creates, the accuracy of our designs, and our touch of playful curiosity. We love adventure and the outdoors, and this is a beautiful take on it. Our friendship is easily visible in this piece, and I'm very glad you considered drawing them. Congratulations!"
- crazyDoggy

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:♥ Grand Prize ♥:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

Happy Friendsary! by Medaglione

Entry by Medaglione

"Chosen as 1st place because of incredible accuracy! Although the order the characters are in are backwards and Catty's ears are brown rather than black, the background and their expressions are the best! This shows their friendship strongly and makes me proud to say it made it through~"
- funCatty
"I love how accurate this entry is! This won first place because there is so much attention to detail, even in the bows and paws! (I love the paws so much!) The only error I see is funCatty's ear color. We look so happy together! ♥ I love the frame you added around the drawing as well, as it ties everything together nicely. Thank you for taking the time to draw this incredible piece!"


We also chose some lovely honorable mentions! Each person with an honorable mention will receive 200:points: or $2 usd each!

Fun and Crazy by Bluccis

Entry by Bluccis

"Made it into the honorable mentions! Beautiful piece! A lot of the drawing had amazing accuracy! The only problems it has was Doggy's incorrect collar, missing shoes, Catty's ears being brown instead of black, and Catty's shoulder strap not properly attatched. AMAZING job and I LOVED the background!"
- funCatty
"This piece is very stunning, especially with the diffused color that the shirts and pants have. However, Catty's ear color is off, Doggy's paw pads are the wrong color, and the ear and tail color are mismatched. All of the other coloring details are correct. The anatomy and color is captivating, and you did a great job on this!"
- crazyDoggy

CE : Chibi crazyDoggy and funCatty Page Doll by ibahibut

Entry by ibahibut

"EXTREMELY cute! I can tell a LOT of work was put into this! Although there are a few miscolored parts of our character, a majority of the colors are VERY accurate!"
- funCatty
"Thanks for taking the time to animate this! The way you colored our hair and eyes is so beautiful. Such cute poses as well! Unfortunately, Catty's ears are the wrong color and the colors of the bows on our pants are switched."
- crazyDoggy

Entry by ColossalBertholdt

"This piece absolutely captured my heart. The piece was nearly perfect with very minor miscolors. Still one of my favorite pieces. The background calmed me and made me feel when I'm with mah fryend e[] e You made it to honorable mentions!"
- funCatty
"This piece received honorable mention because of good accuracy aside from a few errors, like the bows. The style is very nice, and I love how the colors of the background compliment our clothing colors!"
- crazyDoggy

That concludes the honorable mentions!! ♥

Category 2
Unfortunately, we only received enough entries to choose one winning entry and an honorable mention!

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:♥ Grand Prize ♥:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

Happy Third Friend-niversary! (Contest entry) by ArtistXXY

Entry by ArtistXXY

"Oh my god I don't know what to say. You caught their personalities VERY VERY well. Their expressions are PERFECT (the face that Catteh has on the first panel made me blush..what a cutie<3 ) The situation that they are in are too accurate! I love the story and I love how it all plays out. I'm EXTREMELY proud to say this won the 2nd category!"
- funCatty
"I love how sweet this piece is, especially because it conveys our friendship so nicely! Catteh and Doggeh's expressions are so cute and accurate, and this is just like how Catty and I respond to each other in reality. Thank you so much for this and congratulations! ♥"
- crazyDoggy

Here is the honorable mention!

CE - good friends by 42Ly

Entry by 42Ly

"Winner of the Catteh/Doggeh honorable mention! Super cute idea with cute expressions on both characters! The paws on Catteh and the way Doggeh's floppy ear flops over Catteh's hair makes me want to squish both of them~<3 They have very little mistakes like Doggeh's collar and hair but is overall correct!"
- funCatty
"Catteh and Doggeh look so adorable here! I love the poses and bright colors, but our hair is slightly off on both. You did very well on the animal parts and paws, though. Congratulations!"
- crazyDoggy


That's all! Thanks again to all who entered! I'm definitely holding another funCatty and crazyDoggy contest for our next friendiversary; the journal will be up around August or so. I'll have better references for my babies by then. Hopefully, the prizes will be better as well. I'll also think about giving points to everyone who enters - I feel that everyone's effort should be recognized! So yes, look forward to that.

Here are all of the lovely winners and artists with honorable mention!:

To everyone who placed in the contests: Please send me a note stating whether you would like your cash prize via PayPal or the equivalent in points. Also, provide me with a reference of the character(s) you would like drawn. ( Refer to the contest journal to see which art prize(s) you've won. )

To everyone who received an honorable mention: Please send me a note stating whether you would like your cash prize via PayPal or the equivalent in points.

Thank you all again! Don't forget to take a look at all of the entries and lovely competitors on your way out! Have a great day/month/2014 ♥………
hey yes hello it's me!
London was absolutely amazing, and my friends and teacher made it even more perfect and hilarious than I could have imagined. I had so much fun and I miss the scenery and the tube and the bad jokes! (I don't miss the stairs tbh.) Unfortunately, it wasn't rainy or too cold that week. xD

Sorry for scaring you all with the contest deadlines! Yes, they do end on June 26th. No specific time. I'll probably wait until all time zones reach the 27th before I close the contest and announce winners. I'm so pumped! *w*
I'll try to get my laptop fixed asap as well. I have a secure method of dealing the cash and point prizes at this moment, though. Hopefully I'll have all of that stuff under control when the deadline rolls around.

I won't be doing much else until that's fixed, but I'll try to post something from the trip so it doesn't seem like I died. xD

Thank you all for reading! ♥
Hello everyone! funCatty here! I was given permission to go on my beloved Doggy's account to tell you the bad news: her laptop finally broke after all of it's shenanigans. All contests are on hold until everything gets fixed so that prizes can be delivered safely. She apologizes greatly for this inconvenience. Both contests will OFFICIALLY end on June 26th. Both contests will also have their dates updated. I hope you all understand!


It's 4 am and I feel the need to do a faq journal for future reference. ( This is full of stuff that I've been asked at least once. ) Here goes.

crazyDoggy's FAQ

Hi! What exactly do you prefer to be called?

Almost anything is fine with me! Nicknames are great. The ones I get most often are Julia, Jay, Doggy, crazy, Falcon, Fal, and Senpai. 'Hey, you, loser' also works, but that's more of a derogatory  thing to say and derogatory things are reserved for my close friends.

Can we communicate in a language other than English?

English is my strongest language, and I don't know any other languages fluently. I can, however, speak with you in less depth with Spanish, Croatian, Italian, French, and Korean. (And hopefully more to come.)

What do you do besides draw and lurk online?

I play instruments, learn languages, and sometimes go places. I think that's basically it. Someday I'll do productive stuff. c:

Where does your username originate from?

It's my persona's name. No, I'm not one of those people that goes around screaming "I'm a doggie! Wow! I love dogs and dogs love me and I have fangs and a collar and I'm insane 4 dogz!!1" Ahaha, actually, this began in seventh grade when my best friend funCatty and I decided that we wanted to be a singer/artist duo. We picked the animal that best suited our personality/likes, added the Y, then added an adjective in front of the animal.  And with that, our personas were born!

How old are you?

My birthday falls on July 29th, 1999.

When did you start drawing?

I started drawing from the time I could pick up something that could leave a mark on a wall. I did horrible stick figure drawings, moved to Sonic the Hedgehog art and had an anime phase, then ended up in a semi-realism and abstract phase. The end of my Sonic phase marked the start of my first digital art drawings, which was in 2010. Mouse, laptop track pad, and Adobe Photoshop 7 - I guess that was the final start.

What tools and things do you use to draw traditionally?

  • Cheap 0.5 mechanical pencils. Everywhere. ♥
  • Kneaded eraser ♥
  • Set of about 12 graphite pencils
  • Copic Multiliners of various sizes
  • Copic Sketch Markers -- about 70 of them.
  • White gel pens
  • Prismacolor pencils and markers
  • Cheap sets of watercolors
  • Sketchbooks (50+ pound paper)

Which digital programs do you use to create your art?

  • Paint Tool SAI
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • Adobe Imageready

What type of tablet do you have?

I currently use a Wacom Intuos 5 Medium. If I ever take my art to a professional level, I may get a Cintiq.
Do you have any tips for first-time tablet users planning to purchase a tablet? How is your tablet holding up?

I know this is something said often, but I'll say it again here: start with something small. A Wacom Bamboo is nice for beginners or those who want something inexpensive and simple. I also personally prefer tablets with larger pen-touch dimensions because it feels more efficient. I have a steadier hand that way. It does vary by person, though.

My Intuos has been ... needy of maintenance. Constantly. It was a pain to deal with at first, but I'm slowly getting used to it. When I first got it, I was always uninstalling and re-installing the drivers because they didn't want to work. A year after I got the tablet, the pen broke. It costed 60 dollars to replace. Always take care of your pen!! Around January, my tablet's port broke, so my father ordered a wi-fi pack. No more cords, but I have to charge the battery in a portable charger for camera batteries every 5 to 6 hours of use (in substitution of using a cord to charge the battery, which isn't an option for me.) Not fun. The tablet's performance itself is really high-quality, though.

Building on that, do you have any tips for beginning artists?

I think I'm going to edit this tomorrow with drawings from different intervals in my life. You will improve. Don't give me any of that 'I will always suck at drawing' stuff. That's a lie and you will stop improving when you stop trying.
You won't get better overnight. I mean, you can, but you won't go from awful to amazing overnight. Trial-and-error is a big part of drawing, too. You learn from your mistakes, so don't shoot for perfection when you draw. ( Which is tough for us perfectionists. )
Uhh ... don't copy other artists' styles to get popular. They can influence you and whatnot, I understand, but copying everything they do just to 'get better' won't help you improve. Put together things you like to make your own styles!
Don't trace. Good God; same explanation as above.
Experiment! Move your pencil/stylus/pen differently. Splash on color in other ways. Try for a more unique concept. Be original, alright?

Why have you been so inactive?

On weekdays from late August to early June (excluding vacations and breaks), I'm at home from 5pm to 8:30am. During those fifteen-and-a-half hours, I need to do homework, attempt to eat, shower, sleep, wake up, then get ready for school. When you think about it, there's not so much free time in between. I spend about 70% of my weekend watching/learning stuff, reading, and drawing for a project in which I am a part of. I don't have so much time to draw for deviantART ( or myself ) anymore. Summer is the only time I'll be super active on here.

Do you do requests/art trades/collabs/commissions?

I only do requests if I say I'm doing requests. Which isn't very often. I don't have time for any of those, but I sometimes have my commissions open. I do trades with people at my general art level.

Can you donate me points or money for [insert event or cause]?

Most definitely not. Don't ask me for anything because that makes me not want to do it, haha. If I want to donate my money to somebody, I'll do it for my own reasons.

Can I add you on [insert site/app]?

Go ahead. If it's listed in the Contact Info box on my profile, then go for it.

Let's be friends!

I'm super awkward and nerdy, just a heads up, but I'm really friendly, so go for it!

That's all I've got to say! If you have any more questions to ask me, then go ahead and ask. For now, I'm going to go enjoy the rest of my  hour and a half of alone time.

:thumb423923112: Commission: CrazyDoggy by VividFlow Commission for CrazyDoggy by Chibi-Espada PointComm-2 by phyruu C: DOGGY-ADOPTS by Lolisoup C: DOGGY-ADOPTS II by Lolisoup Request 2: CrazyDoggy by Eleqant

Skin by SimplySilent

I really need some commissionssss

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 2, 2014, 2:42 AM

(i also really need sleep)
PLEASE comment or note me if you do human or kemonomimi commishes. Points OR PayPal accepted. Can be anything from chibi to headshot to fullbody. I even welcome sketch pages. >7<
Please provide me with thumbs of your work and price ranges.

I need people that are able to draw:
- Anime style
- Semi-realism style
- Neat or sketchy
- Humans or kemonomimi
- Girls or boys

So basically just about everything. x'D

Comment annnd I may get back to you. <:


Two contests at once - I hope I can handle these!
Anyway, the point of this contest is to design me some OCs! I've really been in an art block and longing for some new designs lately, so why not? There will be 3 winners ( maybe 5? )- the 3 winning characters will belong to me. Everyone else who participated ( EXCLUDING the winners ) may do whatever they want with their entry after the contest ends ( keep it/sell it/etc ). I may also give out honorable mention prizes if there are an excessive amount of entries. ♥
( Also, if you're not into designing, feel free to join my other contest!!:… )

So -- the things I like in designs!! ( please do not feel obliged to mix all of these together!!! That would look pretty odd xD you can choose a few things from the list and get creative! ):
- Males ( my female OCs are either really punk rock or stylish so you can go for a female entry too! )
- Kemonomimi
- Masks ( gas masks or surgeon-type masks, any and all )
- Sweaters ( wow )
- Scarves
- Boots/high-top sneakers
- Collars
- Studs
- Belts
- Chains
- Baggy clothes
- Flower crowns/flowers in general
- Tattoos/markings
- Inverted crosses
- Indie/Tribal-print stuff/Hipster
- Glasses
- Hackneyed/cliche color palettes ( that's not a bad thing ok )
- Gold/green palette; white/blue/black palette, white/pink/blue palette, blue/brown palette, white/pink/black palette, etc!!!
- Multicolor/highlighted hair
- Long hair/non-plain hairstyle ( ponytail, braids, etc )
- Heterochromia
- Mismatched clothes ( sleeves are different color, socks are different color/type/length, shoes are different color/type )
- RPG-based/Adventure/Fantasy/Armor/weapons!!! ( Swords and knives and scythes are the key to my heart )
- Manry semes OR bby shota ukes ( anything basically )
|| Colors I love: White, olive green, neon green, blues, black

If you're still lost, here are some adopts that I fell in love with :…
And here are some adopts I will cry over eternally :…

Adopt artists I also cry over eternally (all of them are equally great): wolphfe, Rehmiel, AwetosOrphanage, Demetis, Tiffany-Tees, SoukiAdopts, PastelBits, Kuroi-ice, amouu, Funnifox, Giramisu, PhrysethAdopt, Homuah, Talurea, Rinslettuce, NorthernFeathers, sakihata, Pikerth, akinei

So yeah, if you're starting to get the general flow of what I love, I'm 100% sure I'll adore your design!!


Entries will be announced that same day or the next morning.

:bulletblue: Rules :bulletblue:

> Your design must consist of AT LEAST ONE thing from my list above (male, kemonomimi, etc)
> NO TRACING! You will be disqualified and banned from future contests.
> You may use a base, but you will be judged a bit more harshly.
> Do not sell/trade/use your design until AFTER the contest ( except for the 3 winners-- the adopt design will be in my possession! )
> You may submit AS MANY ENTRIES as you want! However, only 1 is eligible to win!
> Please include the link/thumb to this journal in your deviation description!
> Please notify/mention me and/or comment with your entry link below ( so that I may see it! )
> Your deviation will be added to a specific folder for this contest!
> You will mainly be judged on CREATIVITY, not skill level. Neatness is great, too!

♥ PRIZES!!: ♥

What you've all been waiting for!

1st Place:
♥ $20 PayPal or point equivalent ( 1600:points: )
♥ Chibi couple OR 2 chibis from me
♥ Your design will be doted on by me 5ever

2nd Place ONLY if there are 10+ entries:
♥ $10 PayPal or point equivalent ( 800:points: )
♥ 1 chibi from me
♥ Your design will be doted on by me 5ever

3rd Place ONLY if there are 15+ entries:
♥ $5 PayPal or point equivalent ( 400:points: )
♥ 1 chibi from me
♥ Your design will still be doted on by me 5ever

Honorable Mentions (x3) ONLY if there are 25+ entries:
♥ 100:points: per each mention

// an extra $5 will be added to each tier if there are over 30 entries!!! //

Well, that's all!! Good luck to everyone who decides to enter and thank you all so much for reading! Love you guys ♥

Entries >…
I should probs keep this more up to date //facepalm

Mainly for me to keep up :iconuhuhuhuplz: If I owe you anything or you owe me anything, you should be on this list!
( Pssst, sorry for the mention notification ;-; )
ALSO - I haven't been checking my mail. If you asked me something/noted me, I'M SORRY!!! //A// Very inactive atm!

To-Do List :

AnIm3LuV - Kaito & Akaito Sketch
Chibi-Espada - Len, Yuma, & Piko
anyaaequinox - L
Aqua-Amethyst-Angel - Toshirou Hitsugaya
Emmerz0 - Takao Kazunari
Alyssa921 - Matsushita Akiko
lyilli - Rebel babe design update
flamelover1 - Sibling ref sheet/1 to go - extras
ixgal97 - 2 moderate customs / rebel & fantasy (… ) 275p, payment not yet required
CreamyKirimi Design update, ref sheet, chibi ( almost done )
SevenKalmia - Ref sheet
beibaku-mae - Moderate custom + ref sheet (… ) ( design is completely done, needs to be drawn digitally )
jam-a-val - Ref sheet w/ alternate outfits ( almost done )
HopeRazgriz - Moderate custom (… ) soul reaper outfit / 150p payment not yet required
Glass-Moon-Neko - Art Trade (… of the visual kei babe & tomiko //v// )
TragedyStreet - Ref sheet of design trade ( almost done )
TragedyStreet - Couple trade
funCatty - probably a bunch of other stuff

extras and sale

Kakashi--He-is-HOT sale x3 - 2 done, 1 to go
justaluckyguy sale - sketching


Collab w sugarchuu (… )
Collab w PhrysethAdopt
Remind tasuki7912 / custom openings



Art Owed To Me :

Note: This is NOT to rush you, this is so I do not forget!!
diablata - crazyDoggy
aieynn - Griffin & Ashe
Moonlight-Hour - Catty & Doggy
rickatie - dogDoggy
custom from tochi?

On waiting list of homubutt ( for a commish and custom ) and suiruu ( for icons. )
* This will be the final extension. funCatty and I decided upon the extension so that we can get as many entries as possible (the more, the merrier.) I'm sorry for making you all wait a bit longer for the results, but we just want a variety of art and styles to choose from. I've also placed a lot of my money into this contest, so I hope that this extension allows at least a few more people to be able to enter! ♥

YEAH GUYSSS contest time!! First things first - we are going to have TWO categories you can enter for, and 3 places for each. Let me list them!!


The theme for this contest is that you have to draw funCatty's and my persona to celebrate our 3 year friendiversary. Still confused? More info ahead!

Traditional AND digital mediums accepted! If you aren't good at drawing girls, test your hand at Category 2 instead!

Rules for Entry & Extra Info :
:bulletpurple: This will be our third year as friends!

:bulletpurple: Accuracy of our design is VERY important to your chance to win!
:bulletpurple: No bases!
:bulletpurple: You can enter as many times as you'd like, but only one entry is able to receive a prize! ( You can win a place in both categories, though! )
:bulletpurple: No pictures taken with your phone/low-quality webcam/low-quality picture-taking-device. If your entry is traditional, please scan it so it looks decent!
:bulletpurple: If we find out that your art is heavily referenced/traced/not your own, you will be disqualified!
:bulletpurple: You can draw them doing whatever you want, but it must be just them! There is no main theme.
:bulletpurple: Please draw them in their ORIGINAL outfit!!
:bulletpurple: Prize donations always appreciated!

CATEGORY 1 : funCatty and crazyDoggy

Guidelines & Extra Info :
:bulletpurple: The picture must include BOTH funCatty and crazyDoggy!
:bulletpurple: funCatty is 5'. crazyDoggy is 5' 4".
:bulletpurple: Both girls are happy-go-lucky, laugh often, and do random things for the sake of making others happy. funCatty is outspoken and crazyDoggy is sarcastic.

funCatty References! :… ( Pay attention to hair, highlight, and eye color. Hair is very dark brown with reddish tint and golden highlights. ) <Can also be seen here… >
Bangs styled like this :… ( notice the front and side of the bangs are separated )
Eyes : Medium brown -…
Thin, furry, black tail - hangs down to calves
Paws : 4 fingers, black, pink paw pads, no claws. Worn like gloves.
Collar : Black with gold bell.…

crazyDoggy References! : **CRAZYDOGGY DOES NOT HAVE SHOULDER-LENGTH HAIR. IT REACHES HER MID-BACK AREA**… ( crazyDoggy's hair has WHITE/GRAY highlights in her bangs AND at the lower section of her hair. The highlights start at the top of her bangs and extend all the way to the bottom of her bangs and fade in at the tips of her hair as well. )
Bangs styled like this :… ( prominent SIDE FRINGE! ) but the bangs go in the OPPOSITE direction! You can kkkkinda see my side fringe here - ( I DONT REGRET THE SNAPCHAT REFS )
Thick, fluffy, dog tail - hangs down to calves
Paws : 4 fingers, brown, black paw pads, black claws. Worn like gloves.
Collar : Brown with attached tan dog bone.

Shirt reference : **PLEASE NOTE : this is crazyDoggy's top - funCatty's is the same but starts with purple at the top and ends with blue at the bottom
Pants Reference : **AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE : these are crazyDoggy's pants. funCatty's are the same, BUT the highest bow is purple and the lowest (ankle) is blue. We have SIX bows on each leg!!


- FIRST PLACE - Grand Prize -
:bulletblue: $15 via PayPal OR equivalent in dA points!
:bulletblue: 696 dA points
:bulletblue: Full body drawing from me. Select from 3 styles ( examples coming soon! )
:bulletblue: Blinking chibi from me.
:bulletblue: Cell-shaded half body from A4BondPaper 
:bulletblue: Llama from funCatty and I ( if not given already )

- SECOND PLACE - Runner Up -
:bulletblue: $10 via PayPal OR equivalent
:bulletblue: 396 dA points
:bulletblue: Thigh-up drawing from me. Select from 3 styles ( examples coming soon! )
:bulletblue: Blinking chibi from me.
:bullet: Rounded chibi from A4BondPaper
:bulletblue: Llama from funCatty and I ( if not given already )

- THIRD PLACE - 2nd Runner Up -
:bulletblue: $5 via PayPal OR equivalent
:bulletblue: 196 dA points
:bulletblue: Waist-up drawing from me. Select from 3 styles ( examples coming soon! )
:bulletblue: Blinking chibi from me.
:bulletblue: Flat chibi from A4BondPaper
:bulletblue: Llama from funCatty & I ( if not given already )

CATEGORY 2 : funCatteh and crazyDoggeh

Guidelines & Extra Info :
:bulletblue: These are the GENDERBENT versions of funCatty and crazyDoggy!!
:bulletblue: The picture must include BOTH funCatteh and crazyDoggeh!
:bulletblue: funCatteh is 5' 3". crazyDoggeh is 5' 10".
:bulletblue: Personalities are the same as funCatty and crazyDoggy!

funCatteh References! : Hair, eye color, paws, and tail are the same.… ( Shoulder holes are smaller. Sleeves attached by black piece of fabric. Pants holes start below the knees. Ribbon forms FOUR X's down the side. Catteh's pants X's start in purple and end in blue. )

crazyDoggeh References! : Hair, eye color, paws, and tail are the same.
Hair style general idea : ( same side fringe as crazyDoggy!! Has the same white highlights in his bangs as well!! Hair can be fluffy or wavy/straight! )
Same outfit as funCatteh but colors are swapped (shirt begins blue, fades to purple. Doggeh's pants X's start in blue and end in purple.)


- FIRST PLACE - Grand Prize -

:bulletpurple: $15 via PayPal OR equivalent in dA points!
:bulletpurple: 696 dA points
:bulletpurple: Full body drawing from me. Select from 3 styles ( examples coming soon! )
:bulletpurple: Blinking chibi from me.
:bulletpurple: Llama from funCatty and I ( if not given already )

- SECOND PLACE - Runner Up -
:bulletpurple: $10 via PayPal OR equivalent
:bulletpurple: 396 dA points
:bulletpurple: Thigh-up drawing from me. Select from 3 styles ( examples coming soon! )
:bulletpurple: Blinking chibi from me.
:bulletpurple: Llama from funCatty and I ( if not given already )

- THIRD PLACE - 2nd Runner Up -
:bulletpurple: $5 via PayPal OR equivalent
:bulletpurple: 196 dA points
:bulletpurple: Waist-up drawing from me. Select from 3 styles ( examples coming soon! )
:bulletpurple: Blinking chibi from me.
:bulletpurple: Llama from funCatty & I ( if not given already )

Bonus Prizes?? Bonus Prize Tiers! :

These are PER CATEGORY. If there are 5 entries in cat. 1 and 13 entries for cat. 2, category 1 will have only first place and category 2 will have 1st and 2nd place.

. If 5 entries, only 1ST PLACE will be given
. If 15 entries, only 1ST & 2ND PLACE will be given - UNAVAILABLE FOR CATEGORY 2
. If 25 entries, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be available - UNAVAILABLE FOR CATEGORY 2
. A few honorable mentions may be given! .

Almost ready to submit?? Extra Info!

- Please include a note in your picture description stating that the characters belong to us!!
- Please include a note in your picture description with a link to this journal!
- When you finish your entry, please link it to me in a comment below OR via note. I will add it to a folder in my favorites.
- If you'd like to donate a prize, let us know! We appreciate prize donations and want to make this contest worth your effort!! ♥
Judges : funCatty & crazyDoggy
The entries will be judged on their accuracy, creativity, neatness, and effort!!

Deadline : 06 - 26 - 2014 / June 26th, 2014 / @ 11:59PM HAST

Entries will be announced the next day, 06-27

One more thing - it isn't a rule, but ... it would be GREAT if you could type our names right. We are giving an opportunity to test your skill AND win prizes - please take the time to spell our names right! <': It's upsetting to see 'crazyDog', 'craziedoggie', 'FunCatty', and 'Funcattie', since our names are in fact case sensitive. It's disrespectful, so please don't do it! ( like writing a girl's name as Britney when it's actually Brittany - understand? )

If I missed anything, or if you have a question for me, please don't hesitate to ask! I'll add it to the contest info above. <:

Thank you!! ♥
- funCatty and crazyDoggy

View Entries! ♥

View Category 2 Entries! ♥

Shameless Artist Feature ( #3 )

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 1, 2013, 10:42 AM

Featuring more under-appreciated artists. \o/ These still happen, I just got really lazy/busy and couldn't for the last few months. I used to call these bi-weekly, then I changed it to bi-monthly. WHY DID NOBODY POINT OUT THAT TYPO. makin me look like more of an idiot than I am. uwu
Also, don't bother to write "Doggy, I'm still not featured?" "doggy why arent i featured yet? you said you would." "Doggy, do you not like my art? Is that why I'm not featured yet?" I have over 60 names on my list of deviants to feature and I pick from the list at RANDOM. Hang in there, I'll get to you soon enough. uvu

Anyways, I don't have time to write a super-detailed description about the artists this time, but their art itself should be enough, right? Here we go ~ :

<da:thumb id="345480817"/>
<da:thumb id="342539184"/>
<da:thumb id="337634283"/>
Dawn181 is a great writer, and she has some incredibly unique pieces in her gallery. If you're into literature, I suggest you check her out!

COM Emmmy by Lirip

Euro by Lirip

Not so secret by Lirip
Look how cute that coloring is! And I love the shading as well.~ Lirip has great vibrant coloring and a huge gallery for you to admire, so go right ahead!


THANK YOU! by puchiko01

I fell in love with Puchiko's art style immediately. The textures she uses in some of her more detailed work are great as well! Please go support her lovely art.

Luhan smile by ocecen
Miki star by ocecen
SULLI by ocecen
Ocecen is an amazing digital painter. She has a wide variety of traditional and digital art in her gallery, and some great cosplay as well!

light up the dark by mioree
chieri by mioree
Akito by mioree
I love mioree's choice in color! Her style is great - both chibi and normal. She has tons more art to look at, so go give her some support!

Well guys, that's it! Another five features done! I hope these help you find more artists that you enjoy!
If you have any suggestions for artists that should be featured, please do comment below ( yes folks, you may also nominate yourself! ) I pick them randomly, and the list contains about 60+ deviants, so don't expect a feature right away!
Anywho, I'd like to thank BlackHairGreenEyes, who helps me pick some needy artists for the list. She is a big help!

If that wasn't enough, here are more features! Yay! :3c

A Gift For crazyDoggy by KawaiiPantsuNeContest entry by Chibi-EspadaCrazyDoggy by Virmont89

Thank you for reading and have a great week! ♥♥♥

Next - SHOULD be on August 14th

Bi-Monthly Artist Feature #2!!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 14, 2013, 6:05 PM

Here we are, folks! The second round of artist features! Well, I won't waste any time. Here we go, five more random deviants~ :heart:


Noelkitty by LtCatnip

Okay, Catnip is a pretty legitimate artist. I really like how she does all different kinds of styles and such ( I also support her Bravest Warriors love |D ). She has a lot of variety in her gallery, so go check that out!
Catnip's Gallery!

Masquerade by kihana13
Our Paths Have Always Crossed by kihana13
Practice. by kihana13
I have not seen Danny Phantom artwork in ages, so I loved my trip through Kihana's gallery, heheh. She's a great artist who, again, uses different styles often. She has also improved greatly in her time on deviantArt, and it would be nice if you gave her a visit. :3
Kihana's Gallery!


Aah, another trip into fanart I love. Serathehedgehog is an aspiring artist who is working on improving her art piece by piece. Her coloring skills have definitely progressed! Her work has quite a few crossovers, so if that's something you enjoy, then go see some of her art for yourself!
Sera's Gallery!

Collab with K1RAR1N by Alligates
The Amnesia Bros by Alligates
Arya by Alligates
Alligates's gallery is adorable. She draws cute chibis and fanart, and has a unique style of coloring. I love her art, but she has a small amount of fans and followers, and I think that should change! Please go check out her gallery - you'll become a fan of her art too, I promise!
Alligates's Gallery!

D.Gray-man - Lavi by Raspcherry
Soi Fon - The Hornet by Raspcherry
Of Infinity by Raspcherry
Goodness gracious, I'm jealous of Raspcherry's work!! ; - ; It is very detailed and the combination of lighting, shadows, and color make it all the better! Her style is very unique, and I wish I could see more art like this around deviantArt~. She has very few watchers, but I don't see how! I love her art and so will you!
Raspcherry's Gallery!

Well guys, that's it! Another five features done! I hope these help you find more artists that you enjoy!
If you have any suggestions for artists that should be featured, please do comment below ( yes folks, you may also nominate yourself! ) I pick them randomly, and the list contains about 40 - 50 deviants, so don't expect a feature right away!
Anywho, I'd like to thank BlackHairGreenEyes, who helps me pick some needy artists for the list. She is a big help!

:heart:Also, my regular journal features~:heart:
A Gift For crazyDoggy by KawaiiPantsuNeContest entry by Chibi-EspadaCrazyDoggy by Virmont89

Thank you for reading and have a great week! ♥♥♥

Previous Installment
Previous Installment

DJ Pon-3 Stamp by jewlechoRainbow Dash +Stamp+ by RainbowDashPlzDJ PON3 stamp by StrawberryRRainbow Dash Stamp 2 by ElectricHalo
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Bi-Monthly Artist Feature #1!!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 1, 2013, 9:15 PM

Yep, I've figured out what I'm doing with this idea! I'm just going to keep this intro short and sweet, though. c: These journals will be made twice a month and will feature 3 pieces of artwork and a short paragraph of praise from me for 5 'under-appreciated' deviantARTists. These artists have been overlooked as far as their work and artistic talent goes, and this feature is just to help them out! Hopefully, they'll receive a few extra watchers, faves, fans, et cetera. ^.^
If they wish for their names and art to be taken out of this journal, they may just say so and I will remove their feature.

So let's get down to it!! I've randomly selected the first five deviants from my list to get featured! Here they are, folks! :heart:

K1FU is a deviant with lots of potential, but doesn't receive as much love for her art as she should. From the first piece of work in her gallery to the most recent, there has been quite a bit of progress, which shows very clearly. Her art is very cute and colorful, and it would be great if you could stop by her page and show her some love!

:bigthumb99096140:Hero of Time by NinjendoUnbreakable Bond by Ninjendo
Ninjendo has been a member of the deviantART community for four years and has some loyal fans, but it seems like she could use more support for her art. Many different colors are implemented into her art, and her style of drawing is very detailed. I love her drawings, so please check her out!

Toshiro  Hitsuguya by SabincixIzaya Orihara by SabincixBeyond Birthday by Sabincix
Sabincix is a great fanartist! She's always drawing different characters and trying new things, which helps her improve on her drawing technique. She has come a long way since joining the site, and I hope that some of you can give her love and support, and help her improve even more.

dat Hoodie by vemorichiI said hey, girl with one eye by vemorichiHappy Birthday 'lil sis! by vemorichi
Vemorichi has an amazing gallery! It's crazy how she doesn't have many watchers. Each piece of her art is unique, and the lineart and coloring give it a very gentle effect. Her sketches are also breathtaking; they are very simple, but still have a great impact. Please check out her art!

Island Girl by jinxriderReconnect With Me? by jinxriderAlice Monroe by jinxrider
Jinxrider is a very skilled deviant! After scrolling through her gallery, I realized that she had the quickest overall improvement in her work, and it's crazy that she has so few watchers. I love her art I and think that she deserves more attention for her hard work!

Well, that's it everybody!! What did you think? Are these artists great, or what? :'D I would appreciate it if you could stop by their pages, and if you see anything you like, I would be more than happy if you could give them a watch, some faves, and maybe a few constructive comments. Thank you all so very much for your time and your feedback on my poll. I will definitely get around to more of those features soon!! ( April 14th, to be exact! ) So let me know what you guys thought of this!

:heart:Also, here are my regular journal features~::heart:
A Gift For crazyDoggy by KawaiiPantsuNeContest entry by Chibi-EspadaCrazyDoggy by Virmont89

Thanks for reading, everyone!!
- crazyDoggy

Next Installment

DJ Pon-3 Stamp by jewlechoRainbow Dash +Stamp+ by RainbowDashPlzDJ PON3 stamp by StrawberryRRainbow Dash Stamp 2 by ElectricHalo
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Commission Info - OPEN

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 23, 2013, 3:27 PM

*Last updated July 11th, 2014, yo!*


Updating prices hahaha ( sorry for the example shortage )
I AM working on everything I owe as we speak, if you haven't noticed!!! Also working on adding examples, here.~ Thank you for being extremely patient! ♥

Now my list of things I need money for consists of helping my dad out with paying for my $3k trip to England, hospital bills, other bills, paying back people, and legit clothes for school hhhh.
And after all that, adoptables and commissions. Because they actually do make me happy when I need it |D But that's after everything else.

V Long story about the hospital bills etc V
I need the money .. well, not me, but my family really does.
A few months ago, my brother was in pain, so my mom took him to the hospital. The doctors checked his vitals and gave him a shot to see if it would help the pain go away. They said that they didn't really see anything wrong, just a sprained muscle or something. Anyway, they misdiagnosed him big time, and all of that crap added up to around 3,000 dollars. Which my mom hasn't paid yet because she doesn't make enough pay that amount at once.
So after that, my mom took my brother to the doctor's office. It was 75 dollars the first visit and he got a sonogram and some blood taken. And that added up to about 400 dollars. And then the second time they went to see the results, it cost 85 dollars. Yeah. Ridiculous. So they gave him medicine and the pain just disappeared one day, so he's all okay now.

Fast forward. Only a portion of the bill from our doctor has been paid, and my dad refuses to pay for anything from the hospital bill because he told my mom not go to the emergency room in the first place. That still doesn't help the fact that my mom can't pay for any of that.

So here I am, asking if anyone can help me out? I really need the commission money, and I want to know if anyone can help.
If you decide to commission me, I'll just say in advance thank you so so very much - every little bit helps. :heart:

♥ Methods of Payment: ♥

PayPal (preferred), snail mail/cash through mail, dA points
+ Point / PayPal conversion rate = 100:points: / $1
+ PayPal fees are added onto price. They are added on the points price as well to be fair.
+ If paying with PayPal , PLEASE send in USD currency!!!
+ To order, just send a note!

Normal Chibis ( CHOOSE FROM 3 STYLES ):

Pilgrim Chibis - $3.00 / 300:points:
Example(s) : extra : mi-ya-ka 2/2 by crazyDoggy

Transparent or white bg?:

***If you are ordering a chibi couple, you will be paying the price of one chibi + 50% ( only when on same canvas )***

   Pixel ( Animated or Not ):

Static Price :: $2.00 / 200:points:
Animated* Price :: $3.00 / 300:points:
Example(s) : extra : Draconian Pureblood 2/5 by crazyDoggy

Static Price :: $3.50 / 350:points:
Animated* Price :: $400 / 400:points:
Example(s) : n / a

* Simple animation = blink/ear flick or tail wag/expression change/bounce or float up and down/combination

White or no Outline?:
Animations, if any?:


Price :: $3 / 300:points:

T :: Dee and Archimedes :: Abissh by crazyDoggyextra : mi-ya-ka 1/2 by crazyDoggyextra : Draconian Pureblood 1/5 by crazyDoggy

Experimental Feral Headshots (Canine or Feline only):

Price :: $2 / 200:points: to $5 / 500:points: depending on complexity
Example(s) : :gift: even the kindest are sinners by crazyDoggy

Transparent or white bg?:

Bust OR Waist:

Price :: $5 / 500:points:
Example(s) : P :: Ribbon Rhythm by crazyDoggy

+ Bg prices listed under "EXTRA" section

Transparent, white, or simple bg?:

Full Body:

Price :: $8 / 800:points:
Example(s) :
+ Bg prices listed under "EXTRA" section
commission for ARTenshi 2 by crazyDoggy

Transparent, white, simple, or complex bg?:

2000 x 2000 Sketch Pages:

Price :: $15 / 1500:points:
Price ( flat color ) :: $18 / 1800:points:
+ Comes with 2 normal style sketches and 2 - 3 chibis!! ( style MAY vary )

- 3000 x 3000 Couple Sketch Page -
Price :: $20 / 2000:points:
Price ( flat color ) :: $25 / 2500:points:
+ Comes with 1 normal style sketch of EACH character and 2 - 3 chibis of EACH character ( 6 - 8 drawings total )


+ Transparent/White/Plain Background (stripes, polka dots, any pattern, etc) = 0
+ Simple background = $.50 / 50:points:
+ Complex background = $2.00 / 200 :points:
+ Extra Character = +50% (i.e. two full body characters on the same canvas is $12/1200p)
Example(s) : TBA

SALE ( always in effect ):

+ Buy 3 chibis, get one 50% off
+ Buy 3 headshots, get one 50% off
+ Buy 2 sketch pages, get one chibi free - any style
+ Buy 2 couple sketch pages, get one chibi couple free - any style

Thanks for reading
~ crazyDoggy


I need an official kiriban journal. <: I'll probably stop doing them for a while after these listed here are caught.

Mini Kiri : 33,333pv

♥33 :points:
♥1 colored+shaded human/feral headshot (ex.… or… )
Caught by : dmgrif01…


♥50 :points:
♥2 colored+shaded human/feral headshots OR 2 colored+shaded chibis
♥3 pieces of your work featured on my page for 1 week


♥75 :points:
♥2 colored+shaded human/feral headshots OR 2 colored+shaded chibis
♥1 human/feral headshot sketch
♥3 pieces of your work featured on my page for 1 week

Mini Kiri : 44,444pv

♥44 :points:
♥1 animated human/feral chibi pagedoll


If the character you want drawn is FERAL instead of human, he/she/it will be drawn in a cartoon style ( much like this )

Rules for catching!!:
♥ Please include account name, pageview number, and the time in your screenshot!
♥ You are allowed to catch as many kiris as you want!
♥ Give me the link to your screenshot in the comments below, in a comment on my page, or via note
♥ First person to send the screenshot gets the prize(s)
♥ If no one gets the exact number, the person with the closest number wins
♥ If two people send the same kiriban number, the one who sent it first wins ( going by minutes/seconds )
♥ If, somehow, they send it at the EXACT same time, they will both win the prize(s) ( 100%, not 50/50 )

That's all! Also, take this feature with you ~ ♥
A Gift For crazyDoggy by KawaiiPantsuNeContest entry by Chibi-EspadaCrazyDoggy by Virmont89
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